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We provide top-tier, customer-focused commercial construction services throughout Texas and beyond.  With a heavy emphasis on repeat business, our company revolves around you:

  • Your brand
  • Your timeline
  • Your growth

If you are evaluating general contractors for a potential project, set up a consultation with us to see if we might be a good fit.

Our Client Approach

We retain great trades and clients through our consistent approach to each build.  Below is what our clients expect from us during each phase of the project:

1. Pre-Build

We offer site surveys to potential clients to spot critical issues before the lease is signed.  These surveys also help us lock in a solid bid as we know the existing conditions.

We know that we work with the best trades available, and are happy to share their bids with you during the bidding process.

During the bid process we look for opportunities to save you money without sacrificing quality.  We also look for areas to increase quality at minimal cost impacts.

2. Construction

Every Friday we deliver an updated report on the progress of the job along with multiple progress photos.  These reports help us raise critical issues early and keep the team coordinated.

Each week we also update the detailed project schedule based on actual progress in the field.  This helps us fine-tune the projected opening date so you have plenty of time to plan.

Along with the weekly reports and schedule updates, we proactively communicate potentially bad news before it becomes a problem.

3. Follow-Up

Even after hand-over, there are always small, lingering items on the punch list.  We push hard to get the last thing done and don’t close out until you’re happy.

Bonuses to our project managers and superintendents are based on one thing only: Would that client want to work with us again?  This focuses everyone on keeping you happy!

A few weeks before your 12-month warranty runs out we want to walk through the space with you and identify any issues that we can take care of under your warranty.

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